Don't Be Scared... Blemishes Aren't Forever!

Don't Be Scared... Blemishes Aren't Forever!

Are you looking to cover your pimples and blemishes?  Are you also looking to treat your pimples and blemishes too? 

Here's the easiest way to take care of both - salicylic acid.

Why you will need salicylic acid... You don't have to take the pain out of pimples - so many people don't!   To have acne and blemishes, the skin doesn't produce enough salicylic acid.    There are 2 basic ways to make salicylic acid...

The pH of the skin is pH 7.2 - this works for most skin types.  The pH is 7.5 - which you can think of as pH 7.5-7.75.

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