How to Achieve The Perfect Summer Glow

Meet Sari: Our Marketing Coordinator

Sari always achieves the most perfect natural summer glow with her skincare routine, so we've asked her to give us the 411!

For many reasons, summer is my favourite season. The beautiful weather, lake activities, amazing patios, that perfect bronzed tan… the list goes on.
Although the sun can be very strong at times, I'm here to educate you on how I achieve that perfect summer glow while still protecting my skin on a daily basis.

To start, I am a strong believer that the term “glow” comes from skincare, not so much highlighters & blushes. Obviously makeup products are fun and help bring “that glow” to life, but skincare ALWAYS comes first.

With that being said, I've created myself a glowing morning skincare routine that kick starts my day!

Each and every morning, no matter how busy I am, I cleanse my skin with SkinCeuticals Gentle Cream Cleanser with NuSkins' LUMI cleansing device. The improvements I've noticed in my skin have been HUGE. Plus the cleanser super mild [and not stripping] that it's softened my skin entirely.

Next I go in with my Equalizing Toner, also by SkinCeuticals, you can tell I'm a huge fan (😅), it's one of my all time favourite toners, perfect for day and night. 

Following my toner I apply my two serums that I can't live without, the Plant Stem Cell Serum [peptides] from Biba Los Angeles and PhloretinCF [Vitamin C] from SkinCeuticals. After I apply these two serums, I truly start to see the glass like glow on my skin.

Now here comes my favourite part—I've been wanting to tell all my friends about this product for SO long and I'm so happy I can finally do so. Moisturizer has always been the ultimate glow and hydration step in my routine and let me tell you August + Monroe's Calm Cream has changed my life, this Vitamin B3 Gel Moisturizer is truly my holy grail. It has softened my skin textures completely & even brightened up some hyper-pigmentations. 

After my skin feels CALM and hydrated, I go in with Blemish Camouflage. This product mixed with Calm Cream is seriously the best duo. Think about it like thisit's a skincare based tinted moisturizer. They go completely hand in hand heading blemishes, redness, uneven texture & the list goes on! Seriously leaves my skin looking and feeling flawless. Just wait till you feel the texture yourselves!

Before I'm running out of the door or even if I'm sitting in front of my computer working all day I make sure to apply my Supergoop face sunscreen all over my face and décolletage. This finalizes my glow while protecting my skin from any sun damage. Truth be told, why should we spend all this money on our skincare if we're not protecting it from the sun. This should be a crucial step in everyones routine.

Lastly, I apply Biba Los Angeles Lip Treatment to make sure my lips are as hydrated as the rest of my face!

I hope you enjoyed this week's Self-Care Sunday series! I know everyone reading this is already glowing! Xo Sari