As a professional makeup artist I've dealt with many clients who can be extremely insecure about their skin; including acne scars & overall breakouts... and I too suffer from these SAME monthly breakouts that can lead to major scarring! So as time went on, I thought to myself; How can I help?  I started searching for the perfect product that could help and to no shock, it didn’t exist. All I could find were products that consistently left my pimples DRY and FLAKEY… the majority even seemed to make my breakouts worse. This happened over and over again, especially when I tried to cover them with makeup!

This is now where Blemish Camouflage came to life! I knew a product was needed that could act as a barrier between a blemish & the makeup applied... BUT it was also very important the product had blemish healing properties too. #LightbulbMoment and if this innovation was really going to help, we knew it needed additional benefits too: such as hydrating the skin (no dry patches), calming the skin (no inflammation) and most of all BRIGHTENING those acne scars.

Well... after extensive research & development, you can now see how far it’s come. One thing you’ll notice is that our product mentions being a 3-in-1... but ohh it’s SO much more :)  I just get so excited talking about this. Our handpicked ingredients address all of the skin concerns we as humans face on a daily basis and the added in blemish healing properties will ultimately help make some of your long days more enjoyable with the benefits of clean skin. 

So EXCITED to share this product and cannot wait to see all of your results! I most-of-all want you to love it too!




I believe in the power of first impressions, shown especially during my 10+ years in Finance & Banking. And leading these valuable impressions, perhaps most known as the first thing people notice, is one’s overall facial appearance including their skin. With that being said, let me walk you back to the specific day the idea of Blemish Camouflage was born. I remember it like it was yesterday… I was walking into my 4th back to back meeting, dressed in a full suit & tie, on a hot Florida day. This is where I first noticed the largest & brightest red pimple I've ever seen. It must've surfaced in the past few hours… RIGHT ON MY FOREHEAD.

Now you have two choices... Walk into the meeting, introducing myself plus my new forehead friend to the 10+ attendees or find a way to hide it.

Choosing the latter (remember what I said about first impressions), I immediately looked to my female colleague for help. She quickly applied some coverup/concealer, potentially saving me from first impression embarrassment/ teenager-like humiliation. GOOD NEWS… her concealer made it less noticeable and got me through the meeting without a glitch. BAD NEWS… when I removed the concealer that evening, the pimple had turned from bad to worse. (smh) Now knowing what I know now about skincare— I have an idea about what happened. This concealer unfortunately wasn’t made with clean, non-toxic ingredients. It basically worked to trap bacteria on my skin, creating a severe breakout.

BETTER NEWS… this is where the entrepreneurial light bulb started to flicker.

I immediately started asking myself questions: ‘Is there a clean ingredient product out there that can cover a pimple while calming/ treating it at the same time?', & ‘Why are companies allowed to put certain non-clean ingredients into their products that can cause adverse effects?‘. Answer— there’s not and I really don’t know. This is exactly why & where Blemish Camouflage started to take shape.

Important to note; it wasn’t until I met our co-Founder Alexandra (Toronto's makeup artist to the stars!) where certain ideas started turning into actual formulations, thanks to Alex's consumer product knowledge & skincare ingredient expertise. Now once our ideas completely merged, this resulted in the current Blemish Camouflage sold today and built the foundation for the Clean+Vegan skincare company you see at August + Monroe™️.

(cue the TikTok music) AND IT WENT LIKE THIS...

①Find the Perfect Chemist ②Coordinate Manufacturing (while wearing 18 other hats) ③Brand & Sell!

Years later—  HERE WE ARE!

Cheers to all those who helped along the way! 

Michael A.

P.S. Stop being intimidated MEN.. help your skin help you. Think of it like medicine NOT makeup.