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Remember a little bit goes a long way! Tiny, small, dab... you can always add more to build coverage. One click will be more than enough product to cover a few blemishes. 

Take the smallest amount of product and then begin to blend it in using a circular motion & clean fingers. Once you reach the desired shade... tap tap tap helping blend the edges for a seamless application.

Remember to check out our How to Apply section so you can watch it in action!

*If you need darker coverage, use more product as it will have more of the pigment-bursting beads.

You should see results within 2-4 uses. However MOST say they notice a difference after one single application... especially if used overnight as a night corrector.

Our promise that the A+M™️ customer service team will do everything in their power to insure each & every customer has the best experience possible... including HASSLE FREE RETURNS (USA).

A little bit of this magical stuff goes a long way! Keep that in mind when using it. If you are still having trouble spreading, it’s always a good idea to give your skin some hydration prior to use, with a clean moisturizer.

Check out our video tutorials too! How to Apply

Our pigment bursting technology works best with the heat of clean fingers and the more you rub, the more pigment bursting will occur... the less you rub, the less colour pigment you will receive.

If it's too dark:

1) too much product is being used. We basically use tiny little encapsulated seaweed beads with pigment inside, which you can probably feel when you're blending. If too much comes out or gets used at one time, you'll end up with too much pigment. A trick I like to do is dot a tiny amount on first, then blend and add more if I need more coverage; this helps control the color change. 

2) Use a moisturizer prior or mix it together! This will help the blend to become more effortless & seamless. And help it not flake (which are beads that weren't melted into the skin properly). 

If it does not 100% match your tone, no fret- we are currently working with our lab to develop more ranges of tones.

Keep in mind - you can still utilize this as a primer or a night corrector to tackle blemishes while you sleep! #nightdots

Anytime! You can totally take it with you wherever you go, it's ready to give you a little fix when needed ;)

Alex’s fav is using it before makeup application & Mike’s fav is applying it before sleep. #nightdots

Use prior to foundation. This way it's directly targeting the blemish & protecting your skin from other makeup applied.

Even if you don't have a blemish, you can use Blemish Camouflage on an area that typically breaks out; we always recommend applying prior to makeup to make sure you're protecting your skin against future blemishes.

Yes! We included ingredients that aid in the brightening of acne scars. Vitamin C and Bakuchiol to name a few. Check out our Ingredient Dictionary for a full breakdown!

Yes, it's completely normal. However, we have some tips if it's not completely melting into the skin.

1) Too much product is being used at one time... we always recommend using a smaller amount. The more product used, the more colour-changing beads are dispensed. These beads are pigments which are encapsulated in seaweed and should melt right into your skin. If too much is being used it won’t have a seamless blend. 

2) Utilize moisturizer prior to application. This will insure your skin is nice and hydrated so it can sit on the skin nicely. This will also allow the beads to melt even more. Check out our Vitamin B3 moisturizer which was formulated to work best with Blemish Camouflage.

3) Blend in a circular motion - no tapping. If you just tap, it'll remain white and the beads could actually 'flake' off.

Shake the pen well before use. And always wipe the silicone tip clean, after each use. 

Sometimes the pen needs a priming. Twist the pen a few times and wipe away the formula as the issue may be caused by settling in transit/colder climates. If it continues please contact us

We first suggest speaking to your doctor prior to use. We have friends & family who use this product while pregnant, but checking with your doctor first is always best in our eyes.


Oh-no! We strive to have the cleanest ingredients on the market, but some people can react to a certain ingredient. First thing is to contact your health provider if you feel necessary... we also recommend removing it immediately and stopping use. Please contact us at

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