Tired Of "Just" Concealing Your Blemishes?

Well, Now You Can Conceal + Heal and Never Let Breakouts Ruin Your Day AGAIN!


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This is simply a Vegan, sensitive skin-friendly concealer that does more than conceal.

The goal is to conceal your blemishes while healing them at the same time. Here’s how👇

  • CONCEAL+HEAL pimples without over-drying your skin.
  • PRIMER for a healthy, much needed barrier between your skin and makeup.
  • FADE ACNE SCARS w/ brightening ingredients, many see noticeable results in under 3 applications.
  • Match Your Skin Tone reduces overall pimple redness by best matching your skin tone.
  • CROSS-CONTAMINATION FREE packaging will not allow bacteria back into the product after use

NO Parabens—NO Phthalates—NO Mineral Oil—NO Hydroquinones—NO Fragrance—NO Bad Stuff




Order Yours Today and Get a 14 Day Money Back Guarantee

Questions With Answers.

^I have sensitive skin, will this work for me?
Yes. This product was made with sensitive skin in mind.
^Will this help my acne scars?
Yes! We included ingredients that aid in the brightening of acne scars. Vitamin C and Bakuchiol to name a few
^What If It Doesn’t Work For Me?

First Contact us so that we can find out why it’s not working for you. If we are unable to fix it or come up with a solution, we off a 14-day “Results or It’s Free!” Guarantee.

We want the difference you see from using our products to speak for itself.

^Should I use this before my foundation or after?

Use prior to foundation. This way it’s directly targeting the blemish & protecting your skin from other makeup applied.

Even if you don’t have a blemish, you can use Blemish Camouflage on an area that typically breaks out; we always recommend applying prior to makeup to make sure you’re protecting your skin against future blemishes.

^When is the best time to apply?

Anytime! You can totally take it with you wherever you go, it’s ready to give you a little fix when needed 😉

Alex’s fav is using it before makeup application & Mike’s fav is applying it before sleep. #nightdots

^How do I best spread the product?
A little bit of this magical stuff goes a long way! Keep that in mind when using it. If you are still having trouble spreading, it’s always a good idea to give your skin some hydration prior to use, with a clean moisturizer.
^How long till I see results?
You should see results within 2-4 uses. However MOST say they notice a difference after one single application… especially if used overnight as a night corrector.
^How do I BEST apply?

Take the smallest amount of product and then begin to blend it in using a circular motion & clean fingers. Once you reach the desired shade… tap tap tap helping blend the edges for a seamless application.

Remember to check out our How to Apply section so you can watch it in action!

*If you need darker coverage, use more product as it will have more of the pigment-bursting beads.

^Is Ordering Safe & Secure?
YES. We take your privacy very seriously. We use several advanced security measures to maintain the safety of your personal information.
^Where are your products manufactured?
Our products are made in the USA.
^When Will My Order Arrive?
We provide fast, efficient deliveries to all households in the US. We ship directly from our facility here in the US so your order will be with you in 4-7 days after processing.

Customer Reviews

Undeniable Results

Alexandra, Founder

"As a makeup artist for over 10 years, I felt terrible covering up people's pimples with regular makeup that was just going to cause more breakouts. I had to create something better!"

Why Choose A+M Blemish Camouflage

It Will Match Your Skin Tone

A Skin Blending Miracle!! The formula turns from white to match your skin tone as you blend it in.

it fights Breakouts & Acne scars

The goal is to conceal your blemishes while healing them at the same time. Here’s how

Made with the cleanest Ingredients

Zero parabens, mineral oil, fragrance, hydroquino. Nasties are not for you.


Ways You Can Use It


PRIMERMix Blemish Camouflage w/ your favorite moisturizer or beauty oil before makeup application.


CONCEALERApply a tiny amount before blending in with a circular motion. Once the desired color is reached, tap-tap-tap into the skin & softly blend out the edges.


NIGHT CORRECTORApply to clean skin as the last step in your nighttime routine. No need to tap or blend in; just allow it to absorb overnight.

Proven Effective

In Customer Testing, A+M was shown to conceal blemishes & scars while preventing future breakouts resulting in healthier skin.


Said they would recommend to a friend*


Said the concealer matched their skin tone perfectly*


Said they experienced zero irritations or dryness*


What's Inside

Key Ingredients

View Ingredient Dictionary

Natural Vitamin C

Brightens the skin and reduces pigmentation. We utilize a fat-soluble form of Vitamin C. It allows the skin to absorb it faster.

Arnica Montana Extract

Known for its healing properties. It soothes inflammation while helping heal acne scars.

Aloe Leaf Extract

It helps soothe the skin while acting as an anti-inflammatory. It’s known for its effect on healing wounds and scars.

More Effective Than Other Concealers

  • Long Term Spot Treatment
  • Results in 2 Weeks Or Less
  • Multiple Uses In 1 Formula
  • Safe For All Skin Types
  • Cruelty-Free & Vegan
  • Doesn't Dry Skin Out
  • Dermatologist Approved



Customer Reviews

Based on 120 reviews
Kayleigh Carreno
Great product

Covers and treats like it says it does. Looks good on its own or under makeup. Have not tried yet as an overnight spot treatment because I’m worried it will stain linens - the texture is a bit tacky, especially when not blended. The product does pill a bit when blending. It’s not a huge problem, but it does happen.

Laura Bryant
It works!

My daughter has struggled with teen acne for nearly 2 years. I’m a whim I purchased this and it has helped a great deal. Redness is reduced and acne flair ups are decreasing.
Perfect under makeup helping to help heal while hiding breakouts.

Jennifer Phipps
This little wand is a magician!

What else is there to say? Its magic in a little wand. Its unisex I use it as does my son in College. Twist a small and I mean small amount up.
.dot it on. Warm it in a circular motion. Tap it out. And its magically gone. Adios, Bye Bye spots! Oh ps It has skin healing ingredients. Why are you still reading reviews??? Go BUY IT. RN. You're welcome.

Saundra Lane
Great stuff

Love this product! Game changer

Jen Pegues

I haven't recurved it yet